London + josh

this is a really special blog post for me. i've known london and josh for about a year and a half now, and they quickly became some of my best friends. they love jesus more than anyone I know, and I honestly hope and pray to have a relationship like theirs one day. london and josh are getting married in may of 2018, so we decided to go all out for their engagement photos. We decided to fly out to Akron, Ohio in order to take photos in the mountains, and in the snow. our mutual friend RJ, who owns his own photography/videography company (Fox Grove Films) has family in ohio, so he joined us to put together an engagement video that they will be showing at their wedding. we spent 3 days taking photos/video, and it was so much fun! we went sledding, ate some amazing local food, and truly enjoyed spending time together. hope you enjoy the photos!