Aerielle + Dylan

dylan and aerielle are such an inspiration to me. aerielle reminds me so much of myself, she met dylan at a really low point in her life, and dylan was exactly what god knew she needed. surprisingly they met on a dating app called bumble, and while many may think it's an unconventional way to meet, I think it's actually pretty beautiful. an app that was only recently created gave them the opportunity to know each other. they told me about how their relationship has moved really fast, but everything has always been so smooth since day one, that it just naturally happened that way. why hold back, just because society tells you you're supposed to date for 4 years before you get married? when you know, you just know. dylan and aerielle are getting married in december of 2018, and i am so incredibly honored to be doing their wedding photos! this was my first in-home session, and it was so beautiful, cozy, and romantic. they really are perfect for each other. as beautiful as aerielle is in these photos, i can't imagine how beautiful she will be in a wedding dress. december can't come soon enough!