Cassie + Jason

September 18, 2020

I want to take a moment to really honor ALL of my 2020 brides/grooms who had to make huge sacrifices in regards to their weddings. Cassie and Jason, like most of my couples, had a beautiful extravagant wedding planned with all of their family and friends to be in attendance, and because of Covid they unfortunately had to opt for a small backyard wedding with just a few family members and close friends. Each one of my couples, including Cassie and Jason, really made the most of it! & I’m so glad I was still able to support them in this process. Cassie and Jason do plan on having a bigger celebration once it’s safe to do so, but for now this quaint backyard wedding did exactly what it needed to do, brought two families together through their love. One of my favorite moments from this wedding, which has really stuck with me, was when we were finished with our portrait session I looked to Cassie and said “do you plan on wearing this same dress next year when you guys celebrate again?” She looked at me and said, “yeah if it still fits by then!” I laughed and responded “oh that’s true, who knows there could be a baby on the way by then!” To which she replied, “yeah that, or i’m just a woman, and my body changes all the time.” It really stopped me in my tracks. It was really refreshing to hear her positivity and realness. As women, our bodies just change sometimes… without any real rhyme or reason, and instead of beating ourselves up over weight gain/loss… just buy a new dress! It’s a quote I’ve used with friends often since then & I really love the concept! All in all… a beautiful couple & a beautiful wedding & I can’t wait to work with them in the future!

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