Stephanie + Kenji

July 4, 2020

Boy do I have a story about this one… Obviously this season has been crazy. With everything going on in the world I’ve officially gone 4 months without shooting a single wedding. It’s been rough financially, creatively, mentally, emotionally etc. At this point about 15+ of my 2020 weddings have decided to reschedule for 2021, but some of my brides (such as Stephanie and Kenji) decided to do small intimate wedding in their backyard instead of forgoing their entire wedding date. I was so excited to finally get back out there & shoot a wedding! But 2020 wouldn’t be what it is without a little curveball, right?

2 days before Stephanie and Kenji’s backyard elopement I started feeling sick, normally a little cold wouldn’t keep me from doing my job but in the middle of a global pandemic even just the sniffles is a big no-no. I obviously got tested immediately, but what was I supposed to do about this wedding?! I contacted a local photographer friend who I trust to do just as good of a job as I would and thankfully, on last minutes notice she was able to drive down to the bay area to shoot their elopement. I was so incredibly relieved! Obviously I was bummed I wasn’t able to be there, but at the end of the day it’s not about me. As long as I am able to come through and provide beautiful photos for my clients, that’s all i can ask for. Their photos came out amazing & everyone was able to stay safe. Win-win in my book! Hope you guys enjoy these photos!

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