Devyn & Kyle

December 28, 2019

Location: Emerald Bay

Quick story about these two… a few weeks prior to our snowy engagement shoot in Lake Tahoe, we were originally planning to take photos in Lassen National Park. The trek was a few hours by car for them, and we planned to meet right before sunset. When I arrived at the location, I noticed I had absolutely no service so I decided to start driving around until I could find enough service to call them. After trying to figure out where they were we both realized that we were at completely different entrances, and those entrances were about 45 minutes away from each other! We ended up having to reschedule, but I felt so terrible that they had driven all the way up towards me, so we decided next time I’d drive closer to them… and hey I’d say it worked out pretty well! They got the beautiful snowy pictures that they were hoping for, and even better we had Lake Tahoe in the background! We popped champagne, played with some smoke bombs, frolicked in the snow until our toes were numb, and had such a fun time! Needless to say, I’m so thankful for their sweet demeanor and understanding. Things just happen y’all… but it’s always easier when you get to go through those moments with genuinely kind people.

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