Payten & Brandon

October 26, 2019

Location: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Payten and Brandon have got to be one of the most fun couples I’ve ever had the chance of working with. Payten is so incredibly sweet, and Brandon is super goofy and silly. They make for a pretty amazing pair! Turns out we are actually from the same area in Florida, and even attended the same college, such a small world! Because we are all from Florida, we definitely share the same appreciation for California’s beautiful scenery and weather.

Our engagement session was so much fun! For the second portion of our session we decided to head down to the beach for some more casual shots. At one point I had them run towards the water holding hands, and Brandon started singing “almost paradise” as if he was on bachelor in paradise. He had us cracking up the whole time! Unfortunately after only a few minutes on the beach a park ranger came up to us and told us we had to leave, I guess the weather was about to get bad or something. We still decided to sneak a few more photos in when he wasn’t looking (rebels, i know). Even though our session was cut short, the photos still came out beautifully!

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