Rebecca & Josh

July 13, 2019

Where do I even start with Rebecca and Josh? It was a day full of emotion and a day that I’ll remember.

This incredible couple got engaged in December 2017, and, sadly, only a week later, Josh’s brother passed away. So this day was tender to their family, but also full of joy and celebration. They beautifully interwove sweet tributes to Josh’s late brother by having his name embroidered on the inside of Josh’s suit jacket and with his initials on the cuff link. It was such a precious way to involve him in the day.

The bride and groom themselves were fun-loving, wild and so genuine and their bridal party provided nothing less than pure entertainment. The groomsmen were hilarious, entering the reception yelling a football chat and completely tearing up the dance floor after the bride and groom blew us all away with their first dance!

I honestly had the most fun taking Rebecca and Josh’s photos and they treated me like one of their friends… which made me want to be their best friends in real life.

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