Mara & Matt

May 25, 2019

This day. Ah.

Firstly, the venue was gorgeous. The combination of the bouquets, the floral, hexagonal arch, the festoon lights, and the colour scheme of the bridal party created such a beautiful aesthetic. Secondly, the bride. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that she looked absolutely stunning?!

Not only was this day pleasing to the eye, but also so. much. fun. While many couples have a flower girl walk down the aisle, this bride and groom decided to have the bride’s brother dub as the ‘flower boy,’ as he pulled flowers from his fanny pack and proceeded to sprinkle them on the aisle – like ‘salt bae.’ Everyone was in hysterics and that was only the beginning – with the bride’s dad cracking jokes left and right, to the bridal party getting down and dirty on the dance floor – making it a night to remember!

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